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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. follow on down in jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. the number of people who have died and those who are full of it has now risen to fifty police find another body in one of the two mosques attacked as new zealand's christians pray for the most important. brings devastation to zimbabwe mozambique dozens of people are dead or missing.
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rioters fight with police and set fire to business is the first violence flares up again in paris. and in the shadow of cultural ruins iraqis seek to rebuild their country as a center of art in the middle east. the number of people killed in the gun attacks at two new zealand mosques has risen to fifty police found another victim while moving bodies from the crime scenes in christchurch detectives also now say twenty eight year old suspect brenton tarrant acted alone as they no longer believe the three other people arrested were involved the australian man has been charged with murder accused of storming the mosques on friday and posting video of his attack online. the new zealand police and other emergency services remain absolutely virgin want to keep all of new zealanders and everyone who lives here or visits here safe from harm. in terms of the security we
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have around mosques around new zealand that will continue until we believe there is no threat well across new zealand people are responding to the horror of friday's events with interfaith solidarity christians and prayed for the muslim victims during sunday services a priest and a reference of denounced hatred and racism live now to under thomas in christchurch andras the police have now confirmed that one more person has died what more they've been say. that's right the number of people we now know died in the attacks the twin attacks on friday is fifty in a sense there's a silver lining to that figure because it's only one more than we knew about in the immediate aftermath of the attacks and in fact that fiftieth body was one founding side one of the mosques as a place where clearing bodies from the two mosques attack so no one has died of their injuries in the last twenty four hours in
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a sense that is some good news the police also said that of the fifty people injured in the attacks thirty six remain in hospital most of them here in christchurch about one other child has been flown to or cling to four year old girl she's in a hospice i thirty seven hospital in total well all day on saturday people were coming in laying flowers near the court and near the owl nor mosque in amongst the people who came to that court and among those who stood quietly with some of the survivors here's more reports looking and talking to some of those people. off to the violent frenzy the flowers all day on saturday people came to lay them in tribute to the date and then stand wispa and weep among those gathered with survivors and their stories on one fiji. great british t.v. started his. three or four minutes into. when you heard the shots.
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and noises coming near so then i decided to. trade and jump on my wife tried to support his best friend sister linda and when she tried to talk shit like that. one of coming you know on their hands my wife it's enjoyed here and so i wanted to go to linda and linda is right one of my friend knows he is from india and know it was him ron he was short one blood on his shoulder so i was holding him and then the gun gunmen put the gun through the window and shot him while he was on my level his shooting couple of drugs in the head he was. when he finished the bullet he left of the. way. friday's attacks were targeted at migrants and
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muslims but their impact has been to unite all new zealanders in horror and sadness some echoed the prime minister's call for urgent action on guns i think we should ban all guns in new zone dannie people today have guns is the place and the armed forces be all banned it does made of a thing in ghana or one and one thing. got the hanes on all guns or they should be all been those who came to pay tribute saw the police working nearby they saw the hearses to arriving and leaving regularly collecting bodies from the al nor mosque. when his press conference the police commissioner confirmed now that all bodies have been removed from the two mosques that were attacks he also said a bit more about the main suspect brenton tyrant and that the police believe that
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he was acting alone all kinds of rumors were swirling around christchurch in the immediate aftermath of the attack that perhaps there was more than one gunman but one gunman attacked one mosque and one another multiple we now know that the place do not believe that was the case they believe that brinson target was acting alone three other people who were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the attacks all two of them have been released without charge one was charged with a firearm a faint somehow to gun on him to come to the court in the place don't believe he was involved in the attacks and so now it's sunday and there have been church services where people have been coming together and obviously thinking about what happened in the other worshipping service on friday the community really pulling together that's the message you get again and again that christ church people really want to pull together and feel that they can put this incident behind them as an up on the nation but something that doesn't have this country in the city from its progressive course i'm joined now by raf mangi you're a city count. here in christ church it's going to be a tough few days and weeks of
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a city but do you think it can pull together yeah absolutely i'm really chuffed just looking around down at the most the numbers of people coming out today it's raining streams of people coming in i see it with same trick state and i really want the botanic gardens yesterday we had floral tributes and it really just shows the community of coming out and the parents turning to the kids saying we need to go out and show support you now you've got a british accent you just telling me that you came to new zealand in two thousand and two me off them off of the two thousand and one terrorist attacks because you worried about. in big cities like london new york here in christchurch this is now you'll city and it's come to your door i mean i think that's what people are stunned about it's almost like how can this be coming to new zealand a very very safe country tolerant diverse and really away from the rest of the world but as we're finding out this sort of thing can happen anywhere and it's just something we have to come to terms with the muslim community in new zealand is not
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future one percent of the population maybe slightly more pressure which is a pretty small city i would imagine tell me if i'm wrong that most people of the most new faith here will have known somebody either killed or injured in these attacks is going to have a profound impact a migrant in christchurch particular reasons are absolutely i think forty five thousand people here across twenty to thirty different ethnicities so who refugees who are on the. around. you know that will be a challenge for all of us because everyone knows somebody and i think we have to not think that the muslim community is some on a separate group the part of us they're only. the ones i want to get to know where i think. of the various next week which are here a challenge. and the names and faces become well known people start to realize oh my god i know somebody a friend of a friend and it will be. the central turns talks about a big reform of gun laws here what you think about yeah i think absolutely i think
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the semiautomatic weapons do need to be dealt with i mean using and has a strong gun culture but it's in the farming and hunting community generally very responsible we have a very very low level of gun crime on the streets but i think this obviously needs to get to. thank you very much well the gun laws will be looked at the center of it has made that clear you had some sirens are going on in the background there and there is certainly a degree of tension still here in christchurch but this is a city determined to get back on its feet or to under thomas there in christchurch andrew thank you. one of them to mention their taxes blogs a new debate about new zealand's gun laws president gupta looks of the outside of the story these are the guns brenton tyrant the man charged with the crisis killings showed the world before friday's indiscriminate killings inside two mosques talented obtained a gun license and twenty seventeen and belong to a gun club where he practiced on the shooting range there an estimated one point
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five million firearms in a country of less than five million people gun owners need a license and moscow to background checks and safety training but once they have a license there is no restriction on the number of weapons making it difficult for authorities to track them there is a restriction on the type of weapons though military style guns automatics and handguns require a special license and must be rigid stood new zealand is a country where gun crimes are so rare that police don't routinely carry firearms but some analysts think friday's killings may lead to more public scrutiny of the existing laws what happened was completely unexpected but this is going to be a catalyst for change because often for countries to change the firearms those you need in magnitude of being like this and this may be that event we know with some of the far around but about ninety five percent of the firearms are untraceable and
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this instant it's a particular problem because the man seems to have got the firearms lawfully. new zealand's gun laws were last amended nine hundred ninety two in response to the killing of thirteen people in our mourner by a man armed with military style weapons neighboring australia now has some of the world's strictest rules they too were in response to a mosque shooting where a gunman killed thirty five people and tasmania nine hundred ninety six a month earlier a man in the u.k. killed sixteen schoolchildren with handguns that prompted the government there to impose strict gun laws. now friday's attacks are forcing the new zealand government to rethink its gun laws undoubtedly new zealanders will question how someone could have come to have been in position of weapons of this nature. one of the issues we're facing is that. the guns that were used in this case appears to have bring
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modified a challenge the government says it will respond to priyanka gupta al jazeera. so i was news even to show solidarity so to people around the world reports from london. gathering to say no to racism and show solidarity with muslims everywhere. this march in london brought together disparate groups all expressing outrage at a gunman's attack on two mosques in new zealand which everybody feel safe. in. many speakers drew a direct link between the statements of some politicians in europe and elsewhere and such attacks on the in the last few weeks there's been incidents. you know. i don't think we're surprised. today reacting and in the white nationalists it was a problem and he said he downplayed the threat so that's the kind of thing i think
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people. some protesters say the current climate echoes the rise of the far right in the one nine hundred thirty s. i grew up. on the. spices that was a long time ago still. it is growing oh. in istanbul a crowd also gathered for a funeral cries for the new zealand victims. and in northern india students have taken part in a candlelight vigil nine men of indian origin were reported to be missing after the christchurch attack. around the world there have been calls for governments to take the issue of islamophobia more seriously as well as other forms of hatred there are lots of different groups represented on this demonstration but there's a general feeling that hate crimes are on the rise and that more needs to be done to stop attacks like those in new zealand from happening elsewhere. al-jazeera
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london. and in australia the famous sales of the sydney opera house of them lit up with new zealand silver fern the premier of the state of new south wales says the one i still represents solidarity and support and respect. the rest of the day's news is still to come plus. tens of thousands marched in spain denouncing the trial of independence leaders who could be jailed for twenty five years. and un forensic teams begin exhuming the bodies of i still victims and it gives the town in northern iraq and its supporters a tough day out in the f.a. cup for man city against lower league opposition all of the details of sports a little. more than thirty people have died in eastern zimbabwe as tropical cyclone i date pushes west from mozambique and malawi at least forty more are believed to be
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missing after homes bridges and roads were swept away in the storm's already killed about one hundred other people across malawi and mozambique tens of thousands have been forced from their homes. you know if their but. i saw a woman being hit by debris it's not safe for people walking here the situation is very chaotic was innovate they see the movie they said it was a majority of houses a ninety five percent that collapsed was precarious lee built her poor materials a reporter malcolm webb is in but in mozambique. since the cyclamen mozambique's coast where we are going to wrench rains and strong winds rivers are swollen power lines are blown down cyclons are common in the indian ocean at this time of year but few of them hit land and this one has been particularly destructive because it came ashore mozambique's fourth largest city they are and we're still three hundred kilometers from there we're trying to reach there and it's not easy you can see the kind of damage cyclons done even here
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a whole bridge completely washed away because of this wall of a river because the enormous amount of rainfall just within the last day or two so made trucks trying to pass here to try and reach people in bay where they've had to turn around and take another route in the city of beirut all communications are off the airports closed the power is down through it's very hard to find out what the extent of the damage there actually is with no communications of course and transport routes a lot it's very difficult to find out what's going on also for the people who are there to get the help they need new details are reportedly emerging about the final moments of the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed minutes into its flight from almost a week ago killing all two hundred fifty seven people on board the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder known as the black boxes are being analyzed in paris the router's news agency quoting an unnamed source says the recording reveals the plane had an unusually high speed after takeoff the pilot requested to land
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before it was lost from radar. european airlines says d.n.a. testing of passengers remains could take up to six months the company plans to hold a memorial service for the victims on sunday burning seven three seven months after grounded worldwide after the crash because of similarities with a loss of a lion airplane of the same model last year. u.n. forensic teams have started examining bodies from mass graves around the town of sim northern iraq it's estimated more than three thousand people. from the minority group were killed by isis fighters when they moved. into the reports. forensic scientists search for evidence of human remains in code village on the outskirts of sin as the relatives of the missing presumed dead watched them work it's thought i saw fighters killed thousands of easy men women and children in sin jaw over just a few days in august twenty fourth targeting them for their religious beliefs many
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may have been shot the headed o'byrne to life. today the iraqi government and the un are opening the first mass graves it contains the remains of almost fifty bodies all men from the village this is the first of seventy three mass graves to be examined in this area the u.n. says isis campaign of murder and sexual assault against these e.d.'s amounts to genocide. this mass grave that we've seen today contains the remains of people a community that faced the most heinous kind of criminality by i saw. nobel peace laureate nadia murat is from she was among thousands of women and girls subjected to a systematic campaign of rape and sexual violence by eisel fighters she says those who were kidnapped and taken to syria need help to return home. we demand the international community and the iraqi government form a committee that will search for yazidi woman and children in syria with the end of
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eisel there the fate of thousands of years e.d.'s is still uncertain. many as it is remain in camps the internally displaced people in northern iraq for those who have returned home reminders of the atrocities committed against their community all around victoria gates and be al-jazeera. shops have been looted and businesses torched in the french capital and the latest yellow those demonstrations is the eighteenth weekend of protests against president emanuel macro began over a proposed increase in tax on diesel which has since been scrapped rallies are grown into a wider anti-government movement there. my wife and i and all the of this is here to show that we don't really believe in the national debates that you organize we don't believe it at all. as long as we don't get any results we will continue to protest for all that we ask for pay rises pensions purchasing power food waste
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everything and they must stop saying we are violent we are pacifists and nazi. it would be to give evidence in the liberal policies have brought is nothing at all france is a rich country and the wealth should be distributed to those who have less and less . i am part of the lower middle class and it's hard it's difficult for our children to they also suffer. elsewhere in the capital demonstrations calling for a government action on climate change a peaceful tens of thousands took part in what's being called the march of the century organizers say more than three hundred fifty thousand others marched in towns and cities across france peaceful protests also in madrid against the trial of twelve pro independence leaders in the catalonia region supporters say the defendants are political prisoners to reports in the spanish capital. the voice of support for cash flow unit dependence has never been heard this clearly before on the streets of madrid tens of thousands came to join the rally
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including the catalan president kim torah showing solidarity with his twelve imprisoned colleagues. the charges rebellion sedition and embezzlement some of them faced twenty five years in prison for organizing the independence referendum in the autumn of twenty seventeen hundreds of police were deployed in the spanish capital to make sure extreme right wing groups were kept well away from the march i think there are political prisoners because they are just made what their political crimes it will not be a mass once again we are here to give voice to the people who were unjustly imprisoned for letting us vote on the first of october the least we could do is be here for them to show our face among the many banners being displayed despond said when injustice becomes the law then rebellion becomes necessary but under the spanish constitution the referendum was illegal and. word free were
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not very. nice are going to be considered. so right then. they should have only one could say here is. sort of madrid p.r. years. was a straw was in the. bane is holding a snap election next month the catalan question is set to overshadow the political debate polarizing opinion here it's a wound that will not heal david j. to al-jazeera madrid. and not to protest by the opposition in albania who fought in police as they tried to storm parliament that he was the government of prime minister of corruption and links to organized crime john psaropoulos was at the demonstration in the capital to romney. when twenty thousand protesters tried to enter parliament the government responded this is the democratic party's biggest
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and most violent protest since it forked out of parliament last month calling it a fa├žade organized crime mushroomed in albania after nine hundred ninety seven uprising when people broke into army stores and took thousands of kalashnikov assault rifles these quickly ended up in the hands of criminals who took over the main drug smuggling routes into europe and it's that drug money that the country's ruling socialist party is accused of using to buy the last election the political process is now moving deeper into uncharted waters mr obama must step down and we believe that a transitory government with people that are not going to get organized crime and with backing from all political forces should fulfill a core mission to our. and the practice of all buying to anti the hands of the judiciary sort of prosecution of politicians who have been caught
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in collusion with organized crime in the past elections starts immediately it is not only parliament that is paralyzed the country's constitutional court and supreme court a closed as a judicial shakedown root out corrupt judges the big question for albania is whether it'll be allowed to open membership talks with the european union in june it cannot do so without a fully functioning judiciary the ruling socialists are also facing a test of their popularity that month in local elections they say the country's top courts will be fully functional by the democratic opposition says that is merely another ploy to buy time the government says it is the protesters who are acting illegally and that it has the law on its side the these protests of your position is not against us they don't have anything against us they have everything against justice reform and the new justice institutions a new prosecutor against corruption is going to be created this is how
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fever's end up reads this protest banner most albanians want to see the justice system working but it's the creation of a truly independent judiciary to go after all corrupt politicians that will be the biggest test of political courage here jumps or opal us al jazeera tirana editor says in bangladesh are preparing for monsoon season which could start as early as next month and last until october it's estimated that up to two hundred thousand rangar refugees could get risk stephanie becker reports from the camps a caucus is bizarre. john katun son helps her carry sand up to where they now live a small basic hut in the biggest refugee camp in the world we spotted her picking up sand at the bottom of a hill this she tells us is to prepare for the upcoming monsoon season only to go up the concern for us is that the water will come inside the home plus it erodes
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this soil around the home and it's still continuing to erode the children sometime slip and fall so we are paving the place we send almost one million rohingya refugees live here having fled me and marjorie in the government crackdown in august of two thousand and seventeen this will be their third monsoon season away from home one of the main concerns of the monsoon season are landslides and that's because many of these huts the been built on slopes and you can see the sandbags have been used here to try and hold the ground but when the rains come you'll think wrench will water pouring down the slopes many people will tell you that these hearts which are made out of bamboo in tar poland will stand little chance but we're told reinforcement work has taken place on vulnerable areas and a whole new campus been built with stronger homes the ground too is getting extra help these are called soil retention walls all this in an effort to prevent
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landslides and allow the expected deluge of water to drain of quickly. sanjeeda was recently moved to this hut and she shares the space with her husband and six children that i'm a big deal about a little. our previous home had taught pauline which was blown away during the storm we fixed it with a double layer it was also located in low flat land but this one is on higher ground a much more protected. there are many aid agencies operating here and the size of the camps means that this is more like a city but without the resources to cope with the same number of people and last year we really created twenty six twenty six thousand refugees who are especially vulnerable and there are places. and that was a good measure this year we hope that the number of much much smaller because we have strengthened. the south as here we have one more year of experience and that's why we have kind of optimistic what is certain is that the rains will come high
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winds will pound these huts and the ground will turn wet and muddy but what's less certain is what will happen to all these people now living here stephanie decker in the refugee camps of cox's bazar. time for a short break here and al-jazeera when we come back months before presidential elections in argentina economic problems take center stage. and a sport lewis hamilton recalls michael schumacher recalled with his old position at the sprawling campus stay with us. we have around ten million people across north america on a flood alert at the moment part of that is just see the snow melt temperatures starting to rise around the northern plains around the midwest but we have also had
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some heavy rain the legacy of the right now down towards the southeast in kona still see some rather bad weather around the panhandle northern parts of florida pushing up into alabama seeing some wet weather could see some rain to into georgia further north we're going to get into double figures for washington d.c. seven celsius there for new york but still subzero in ottawa and also in winnipeg five celsius there in chicago is generally going to be tried we are above freezing the temperature is adding to that thought then twenty celsius there for san francisco far to drive on the western side of the country getting up to around twenty six in l.a. cools off a little here but that's not bad twenty one in seattle as that warmth and that's what the south east of colder still a fair bit of cloud here thirteen cells just in atlanta right easing out of the way for florida as you make our way through the next day or so that west the weather does clear through can see just around the gulf of mexico still some lovely showers
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longer spells affright clear soon as they go on through monday the caribbean is dry . a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby. and right three million dollars i want to. reveal secrets and connections some don't want to expose. all that one. gets a full. al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre coming soon rifles are so many guns sometimes even. oldest muslim undertakers working here is just seven days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance man started to do the funerals in london and the family we saw stopping bothering to watch and business partners this stories be told often here
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told by the people who the gift is such a level. east and undertakers this is europe on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on the al-jazeera are the number of people killed in the gun attacks to new zealand risen to fifty he said also confirmed twenty eight year old suspect brenton tarrant acted alone. across the world people are showing solidarity for new zealand in the wake of the attacks christians there have been praying for the muslim victims during sunday services. and dozens are
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dead in zimbabwe as tropicals like an identity pushes its way into the country deadly storm has already claimed more than a hundred lives in mozambique and of malawi. well since friday's attacks in new zealand social media platforms have been criticised for failing to stop the suspect shooting video and hate filled manifesto from going viral technology editor letter home reports. the attack was designed to get maximum coverage teased on twitter and h.n. broadcast live on facebook and all while referencing a popular you tube channel to grab attention and accelerate it sprayed and sprayed it did by the time the social media companies stopped its broadcast it had been shared repeatedly and migrated to listen on sites so why was it so difficult for big to companies with all their resources and latest technology to contain the damage well it turns out it's not as easy as it seems facebook google
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twitter and you tube use automated moderation tools to track and remove objectionable content they're part of the global internet forum to counter terrorism leading each other know about extremist material and they attach digital signatures known as hedges to stop their content being uploaded again but machines aren't enough they also have human counting to moderate is tracking checking and deleting content around the clock but live content is problematic and the attack video was live for seventeen minutes long enough for it to find a home on smaller sites last down rabbit holes that the vast majority of us know nothing about one of them is the listen on mrs board ha in which he used to propagate his extremist views into a he announced his attack it's a digital haven where users can remain anonymous and there is little moderation
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people there have been posting and praising the gunman's actions. some commentators say there is little incentive for the big tech companies to do better its monitoring company and given there are no fines and no penalties if they fail or they're now just too big to police content effectively anyway blocking sites is one option but that's open to abuse by those who support censorship potentially taking away more than a protects open unfettered access to an n.t. connected global network of information for everyone it's what the web was founded on but something failed during the mood is in new zealand and no one see it sure how to fix it and who's job that should be well let's bring in our in seagal he's the director of the anti-defamation league center on extremism lee joins us now from new york oren we've seen a worrying rise in white supremacy so what are the responses that make people vulnerable to be recruited into white supremacist groups in the first place you
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know i mean that's the sixty four thousand dollar question is what is it about these hateful ideologies that big people want to join and i think there's really no one factor that you can point to but i will say that the mainstreaming of hateful discussions whether it's in our public discourse or on social media makes these hateful ideologies floor accessible than ever before and what do you think motivates and inspires white supremacist to carry out these terrible acts of violence because these acts on isolated are they i mean something much more frequently particularly in places of worship. yes i mean look no further than pittsburgh just a few months ago where the jewish community was targeted by whites premise is this well all essentially there is a foundational trope within the white supremacist movement that opposes a sensually immigration and the browning of what they see their white culture you know in the past white supremacist wanted to maintain our now it's about me teaming
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their existence and they're blaming others whether it's immigrants or muslims or jews for controlling the process and this is where we're seeing them act out in targeting those communities so and how do you d. radicalize white supremacists and cannot be done then and how do you know miss hate that you just mentioned you know education is indeed key to try to mitigate these threats i think it starts at an early age before people are becoming involved in these movements i think it requires teaching people to be critical thinkers to a white supremacist and hateful ideologies are existing at the same space as legitimate news in particularly online so we need to teach people how to understand and i defy troops and then respond to them and put them on the fringes of society i will also note that we need to do a better job in recognizing what the threats are and we know that white supremacy
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is a global terrorist threat and we need to start thinking about it that way just a final thought from you or another and given the recent events in new zealand many experts are saying that some notable political leaders around the world a feeling hate speech and immigrant sentiment i mean the new zealand gunman actually mentioned president trump in his twisted manifesto. but as i think it's hard to draw a direct line between any one elected official and the hatred that we're seeing play out on the ground but what we do know is that these white supremacists and other extremists are preparing not only their weapon but they're supposed to a media approach and so we need to understand how future it spreads we need to hold elected officials accountable for normalizing it and then hopefully we can start tackling this global threat or once again thank you very much for sharing your thoughts about this. thank you. well there been more protests in algeria demanding
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president. stand down with this sort of force that needed to drop his bid for a sifter but this hasn't been enough to satisfy the masses because there's now a delay in the next presidential elections. what people want now is the president to step down immediately and for the entire we seem around him to go away with him and anything short of that in my opinion will not will not be enough for the protesters and there were protests are going to keep going and getting bigger and bigger every day until the demands are met people do not only do not only want the elections to to be maintained but they want article one hundred into a guardian doesn't. put stipulates that if the president for any reason could not fulfill his presidential duties he is to step down immediately and the head of the council of the nation should take power and well and new president or and new all
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new elections are held and one thing that it's very important to point out is that the current uprising has no leadership there's no leader there's not real leaders apparently there's the that are to negotiate with the regime and so the people i see no to any kind of leadership any kind of organization to their protests and rightly so because history shows that any political any politicisation of the of the peoples uprising it will only be. with the use people for their own interests and so people are. rival demonstrations are taking place in the venezuelan capital on one side are supporters of nicolas maduro who say they've overcome repeated attempts by the u.s. to overthrow the embattled president those who support opposition leader one guy dole who many say is the rightful leader to resign more now from caracas two thousand and thousands of people i'm gathering here in the center. bonding of
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government to take to the street that they never signed to the united states and many countries around the parts were challenging and are meant to. be here are saying hands off venice went out it's been a difficult past week for the government of anybody asked of them after. now we're told to have to leave the country in the dark hospital where he would have an interest city for people who are struggling starving for basic items but also the military it's very very common to see people try to get water here on the streets of that outgunned and all around the country the government of cuba how little is saying that the opposition in the united states right behind only caught on the electric grid box it has shown no real proof that something like this has happened let's see what some of the people here have to say. we are celebrating that we got power back they want to take electricity away from us and
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our president reestablished it we are taking firm steps in this revolutionary process in defense of our country and the legacy of our commander hugo chavez that meant that i would still have to file i am happy the revolution is winning despite the imperial attacks the electric boycott the blackout these days show our victory venezuela is right now in the middle of an enormous economic crisis people are struggling with hyperinflation struggling to make ends meet with shortages of food shortages of anything. that. headstrong. people. they. are saying. to be rescued and they want a rise in prices higher inflation increasing poverty growing unemployment all are weighing down the argentinians as the country grapples with the economic problems and cuts to government benefits are hurting the most vulnerable zeros down osama
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reports now from what is ours. across argentina tens of thousands of people took their anger and frustration to the streets in a day of protest against cuts to benefits. they blocked access roads and here in one of cyrus demonstrated outside supermarkets the protest in the midst of rising prices and continued job losses and it's very very bad. move people at the soup kitchens. the money doesn't buy anything does not enough to eat industrial production is down unemployment and poverty levels are up who sells a half what they were this time last year and all the major car plants this is spending work because. inflation continues more than thirty percent a year for was against the us dollar many analysts say president policies are not working clearly the opening up of the economy the deregulation the opening up to
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speculative capital flows everything that market has done has only sunk the economy into the pits and so that has to be reversed we need some level of promotion of local production employment wage growth consumption. there is some good news exports especially agricultural products a vibrant and the banking sector is driving but those on the street say they're not seeing the benefits. from the moment mockery came to power we've had something similar to the rest of latin america with their new liberal governments giving priority to their business. friends totally destroying the national economy not to mention the people who hold this country up but are living in poverty. fifty billion. the government. and increase public. government spokesman to explain the situation but.
2:44 am
problems. with. it still. is likely to be between me and the woman he replaced four years ago. between. now and what they didn't much like before. prosecutors in italy are investigating the death of a moroccan model who was a regular guest of former prime minister silvio berlusconi's notorious bunga bunga parties in monte thought ill testified in berlusconi's twenty twelve trial in which she was avenged acquitted of having sex with an underage prostitute will join the
2:45 am
trial said she feared for her safety following investigations into possible witness tampering the thirty three year old died in hospital two weeks ago a month after being admitted reportedly exhibiting symptoms of poisoning. type another short break and come back alive all the sports pool tell us our place in the semifinals at stake in one of football's oldest cup competitions more on that status. the government you support are believed to have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china only in a while kings of the people's republic it's probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda to use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing it maybe your son challenges chinese finance yet charles you you wrote something critical of president xi over i said this would not be regarded well by the western press a hot head to head on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
2:46 am
. where every. growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good state freedom of the challenge is going to be. managed well it shouldn't be . sources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the contents of the story want to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth isn't the problem
2:47 am
for your town that they may not have a hell of a question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark hurd really doesn't look good for the news business official has not going to do any will probably not knowing about it what are you saying the rich get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.n. across the globe to support of the it's called for and then breaks doesn't build confidence it breaks will join me may the house on up front as my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and think issues here on al-jazeera. welcome back top of the sport his pool. thank you very much we start with football
2:48 am
and manchester city's air of invincibility was almost blown away by second division opposition in the english f.a. cup quarter finals city had won seven zero in europe in midweek but when one nil down as they travel to swanzy on saturday and the chances of reaching the semifinals were looking very shaky is a beautiful move put the well side to know ahead by half time but had already i was men fought back a lovely finish from bernardo so over piling the pressure on to the hosts sergio where had the chance to level out from the penalty spot which he did just about and the argentine proved to be the hero as he headed home a late when it's put city back on course for a potential quadruple of trophies this season. well earlier there was an all premier league affair what for becoming the first into the last four as they'd be rested how is it in cup to open the scoring for what for powers than equalized in the second half belgian striker michy but straight but their hopes of
2:49 am
a comeback didn't last long on very bright giving home side a two one win in the late game manchester united were unable to successfully negotiate a tricky trip to wolves the hosts winning that one two one millwall play brighton on sunday is in the danes the down has made a winning return to his second stint as roma trade boss they beat south of a go to no on saturday the frenchman won three champions league titles in a row with the club before leaving at the end of last season but a poor run of results has seen him return and he's off to a perfect start thanks to goals from isco and gareth bale munna says assume someone else you can think we've got a good result and that's what we were looking for it's an important result even if the first part of the match didn't go well but it's normal we had to be patient and i think that the second part of the first half and then in the second half itself we did much better i am happy that it was women's football in argentina. set to turn professional from next season it was announced on saturday that from now on
2:50 am
each of the sixteen teams in the women's top division must have eight professionally contracted players the argentina football association said contracts would initially be the equivalent of those in the men's third division a bit earlier i met him as a last little mainly mean change to the girls who are coming up now the younger ones because they can take this into pretty seriously with a future a job and recognition then those of us who are finishing our careers we are still here defending this so that the next generation can develop as they deserve which is playing football learning since childhood we learned as grown ups and that costs us all tennis and one of the biggest rivalries in sport was a juice regime later on saturday but ruffle and all has pulled out of his match with roger federer at the spaniard has a knee problem that keeps him out of the indian wells semifinals federer will play sunday's final against dominic team. still dos because i felt more or less
2:51 am
ok during. these beginning of the season in terms of my knee. yesterday the i felt this on court. so now we're starting. a process that i have to to decide what what direction. we have today to recover well and to recover as soon as possible. meanwhile there's a big story developing in the women's tournament canadian teenager bianca and rescue is into the final after beating alina's for italien in three sets the eighteen year old is the youngest player to reach the final at indian wells in twenty years since rena williams won it at seventeen and rescue will be up against three time grand slam champion angelica herbert. wales sealed the six nations rugby championship in style with a commanding twenty five seven victory over ireland in cardiff on saturday hadley park scored the home team's only trial of the much world gareth anscombe kick the
2:52 am
remaining points it means the welsh won all their much is in this year's tournament a feat also known as the grand slam it's the third time in eleven seasons they've done that and it's also a fourteenth straight test wins whiles. a great performance today and. the boys thoroughly deserve it and three before when we see that it's about them today it's been the elite families. creating has three billion grand slams the things that no one can ever take away from you. and london there was a thrilling thirty eight all draw between england and scotland the english were thirty one nil ahead before the scots run in six tries to take a thirty eight thirty one lead england scored a convert a try right at the end to save some face they finish second in the championship bangladesh's cricketers have arrived home in dhaka after escaping the christ church mosque shootings they flew home after the cancellation of their third test against
2:53 am
new zealand which was due to start in the city on saturday members of the team were on a bus approaching the little mosque for friday prayers when the attack happened the team took shelter in the bus as the shooting went on. formula one world champion lewis hamilton will be on pole for the opening race of the new season in australia the mercedes drive the pit teammate valtteri bottas to the front of the grid and secured an eighth pole position in melbourne equals a record held by michael schumacher and at and center for the most polls at one venue he also broke the track record for are off the pace with sebastian vettel qualified third. man i am. shaking it was so it was so close out there we got it's incredible crowd here today thank you everyone for coming out and creating this atmosphere. but what a beautiful day and i again coming from testing from winter we had no idea where we would be. you know we were hoping of course to be where we are wouldn't work and for that the guys back in the factory been working so hard and on the weekend this weekend also they've just been you know just working to make you know. i think we
2:54 am
have a good car we have a good race car we you know we are in good form obviously a mercedes the clear favorite south of the result today and the pace they showed so far but you know we're here to race otherwise we quite dollar think other people would agree so we'll see what happens tomorrow mckayla schifrin is ending the alpine ski season with yet another entry in the history books she equalled the all time record for world cup slalom wins on saturday the american beat wendy holder to the slalom title in on dora when she goes level with in the last ten months decade's old record of forty wins in the display and she wrapped up the overall world cup title two weeks ago and now has the second highest points total ever the season ends with the giant slalom on sunday i saw his ball for now more later on. well thank you very much now a new culture a scene is growing from the ruins of war in iraq composers and painters say they
2:55 am
want to help turn the page on what's been a very dark chapter in their country's history. mame has more money. in this square in western mosul there were once the sounds of gunfire and airstrikes screams and sobbing put on this day iraqi classical music echoes through the rubble. the building behind me was an execution site by i saw the side has its dark history that tells of the mosul catastrophe but it is now a platform to express peace through art and cultural events. in baghdad fashion designers photographers painters and sculptors are creating runways and gallery space to exhibit to an eager public. watch city art festival was long considered one of iraq's premier art showcases
2:56 am
during the years of conflict from the iran iraq war to the u.s. invasion and the battle with eisel it became a casualty and closed now for the first time in nine years the government found enough funding to host it there's a kind of art through revival happening in baghdad but the ministry of culture says it doesn't have the money it needs to promote the arts community in iraq less than one percent of this year's budget was devoted to the ministry so artists and international organizations are collaborating to try to fill the gap the spanish embassy held this event to promote a new generation of iraqi artists iraq has been always of great artist but these are also one of the youngest countries in the middle east. you know what you need to say you surely you are in the side of the older artist the headlines gallery in
2:57 am
the capital is allowing artists to stage exhibits for free it's another way to allow emerging talent to bring creations out of workshops to the eyes of potential buyers the work of some artists takes an unsparing look at the horrors of iraq's recent history while others paid a more whimsical world and them a bad guys and after china i believe that my arch work in the post eisler era which showed people that that is always a bright aside to the iraqis beyond the violence we need to move forward. through the arts some iraqis say they're experiencing a revival of light and enjoying aspects of it the war forced them to abandon natasha getting zero back to. old news of course about website there isn't a screen in the address al jazeera dot com or the latest on the most killings in new zealand does it for me down to all of the news out done no way out about the
2:58 am
moment with more news special. for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers and dock to special counsel but what we want in return is you build
2:59 am
a multi-millionaire investor in russia turned anti putin activist talks to us as the. generation after generation and then work under the merciless sun of northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture an education to people i'm impairing them and if i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and governmental stared that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those
3:00 am
living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. the number of people who have fought in this all full of it has now risen to fifty . police find another body in one of the two mosques attacked as new zealand's christians pray for the muslim victims. calls to stamp out hate crimes grow louder around the world in the wake of the news even shootings. alone down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a brings devastate.


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